We live in a time of transition, where business and society need to organise activities to address societal, economic and environmental challenges. We need to invent new business models to optimise our way of operating to consider these challenges and to optimise environmental and social values while maintaining economic viability.

As subject matter experts, our services include consultation, training and practical assistance with regards to Circular Economy principles (CE), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) establishment and implementation.

Urban Elements is committed to establish and facilitate an economic system that enhances economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Our Core Competencies

An impact driven consulting organisation: –

  • Combining practical insights with scalable approaches to lead business, municipalities, local and national governments in making systematic change
  • Providing transition goals and skills to an accelerated circular pattern of consumption, which is restorative and regenerative by design
  • Strategic development for evidence-based strategies to implement a participatory transition to circular business, SDG alignment and EPR Models
  • Providing alignment of business models and objectives to the global sustainable development goals
  • Consultancy and practical assistance on extended producer responsibility schemes and the establishment of producer responsibility organisations in an African context
  • Training to enhance the knowledge and skills required for leadership and execution of change
  • Development assistance and support for SMME’s and start-ups to incorporate CE and SDG principles into their strategic goals and vision
  • Assistance and guidance for informal sector participation and integration into the formal sector

Piecing all the elements together to make circular sense

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