Our services are broken up by specialist areas, which are interconnected and can be linked depending on the outcome required. The services are broadly described and are not limited to the items listed herein. Please contact us for more information.

Circular Economy

  • Framework development to outline circular business activities aligning to circular products lifecycles
  • Transitioning from linear to circular business models
  • Gap Reports – conducting research to create a common understanding to measure and/or monitor transition gaps and requirements
  • Develop client specific circular- enabling business models
  • Product life cycle analysis – including the product design elements
  • Developing a long-term company vision identifying linear risks and circular opportunities

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Develop inclusive policies to align business outcomes with the relevant sustainable development goals
  • Incorporate the organisation specific SDG’s into strategic vision
  • Evidence based reports on SDG implementation and monitoring

Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes

  • Assistance with development of industry specific EPR Schemes, including industry obligations, compliance, and identify where there is potential to unlock value
  • With a comprehensive range of services across all end-of-life products and data processing, we can also offer customised packages that deliver your business value that goes far beyond compliance
  • Economic model development and analysis, of value chain systems, take back and recycling and beneficiation systems
  • Technical expertise and software solutions for EPR take back solutions, fee collection and holistic value chain management
  • Consulting and practical assistance in the establishment of producer responsibility Organisation (PRO’s), and EPR scheme implementation
  • Writing of EPR implementation plans

Other Value Adding Services

  • Development of industry specific norms and standards
  • Verifying of value chain services providers against industry specific regulatory compliance requirements
  • Assistance with public liaison, stakeholder mapping and participation
  • Development of policies and procedures for administrative and operational management systems
  • Informal sector integration by building partnerships between the informal and formal sectors
  • SMME and Entrepreneurial development assistance, training and support
  • Training and workshops on all knowledge and skill building areas for employees and management