About Us


To be the leading organisation that builds relationships to enhance the cultural mindset change required to develop a mature and active network of changemakers to shift from linearity to circularity and to align with the global sustainable development goals to support corporate social responsibility and extended producer responsibility objectives.


Founded in 2016 by Patricia Schröder, Urban Elements (Pty) Ltd was established to supply an increasing demand for expert knowledge and support to various sectors in terms of sustainability, green procurement, circular economy principles and strategy, extended producer responsibility support and implementation guidance, which encompasses the public sector and private sector business’ from EME’s, SMME’s, to Larger Corporates, Municipalities, Provincial and National Government Departments.

As a consultant, she has assisted industries with developing their Extended Producer Responsibility schemes, and sustainability policies with regards to environmental and social best practice.

Sustainable environmental and social improvement can harmoniously work in tandem with profit building and business success, and in my experience has been proven in the majority to additionally contribute to a company’s profitability and successful business development. PS Schröder

Patricia Schröder - Director

Experience and Track Record

Patricia has worked on various international projects and has contributed her expertise to both national and international companies and associations, winning multiple awards, and at the same time has gained valuable experience to give back to South Africa and other African countries creating tangible, positive improvement, with traceable client references and recommendations.

Urban Elements (Pty) Ltd has additionally partnered with reputable local and international experts and organisations to provide assurance that work of the highest standard and quality will be delivered, resulting in credible and trustworthy outcomes to projects.

Urban Elements offers awareness programs, training workshops and education programs within the various specialist areas.


Aim to Design Waste Out of the System